PROJECT 071308

Project 071308

 This home was custom built in 2005. It was vacated soon after and remained empty until 2008. The residents acquired this home with the yard and overall landscape left unkempt. It was decided that the best plan would be to simply start over, and all of the existing plants were removed with the exception of those able to be salvaged and transplanted. The backyard was full of dead/dying trees and a non-functioning grade. Consequently, the trees and stumps were removed and more than 300 yards of fill was brought in to create usable space. The full landscape was updated with the use of large boulders, as well as color and bloom changes through the entire season. A raised planter bed was created along the retention pond as a natural fence, or deterrent, for children. Finally, a small pathway through the landscape was designed to allow aesthetically pleasing access to the golf course behind the home.

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