PROJECT 051812

Project 051812

When meeting at the Katovich residence, there were two separate objectives. Item number one was to alleviate standing water and pressure behind the existing retaining walls that had begun pushing forward in the backyard. More than 400 linear feet of perforated PVC pipe, along with an estimated 60 tons of 2B stone was used to direct water away from the walls and prevent standing water. 

The second goal was to gain a wider outdoor living area, as well as a place for a new hot tub. We designed and installed a brick paver patio of approximately 400 square feet, with an area where the hot tub was to be placed that was reinforced to sustain the weight of a full tub. Small plantings and an area of grass were made to surround the new patio, creating a natural comfort in this setting. Additionally, a walkway was put in place, connecting the covered porch to the driveway at the entrance of the garage.



“I chose LM Wander & Sons Landscaping, Inc after receiving a recommendation from my real estate agent, and I’m glad I did! Denny and his group did a wonderful job installing a drainage system to eliminate backyard flooding and built a beautiful brick patio with a sidewalk, and he finished everything off with great landscaping. I highly recommend LM Wander & Sons Landscaping, Inc for landscaping needs, and would gladly use them again!” 
-David Katovich

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