PROJECT 100115

Project 100115

Several years before we began this project, the homeowners of the residence had a paver patio installed. They love to entertain and over the years, found that the existing patio did not have enough space for them. To solve this problem, they hired our company to design and install an extension of 375 square feet to the patio. The new area included a 150,000BTU natural gas fire pit, two fire columns, a 12 foot long sitting wall, and a 40 foot long walkway connecting the patio to the driveway. 

The most challenging part of designing this project this project was in making the new area coincide with the existing one. We accomplished this by matching a few specific details of the previous patio but also added details of our own to create the feeling of a “new space”. At the request of the homeowners, we installed Unilock Series 3000 as an inlay throughout the extension, helping the area to stand out and upgrading the project with the installation of fire columns. Now, they have the additional space they desired for entertaining family and friends, which they are able to do much later through the Autumn season with the combination of the fire pit and fire columns. 

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